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Null Kelvin

CD & Vinyl

Released 2017

  1. Sein Erstes Lied (CD only)
  2. Shadows (CD only)
  3. Soon Enough
  4. The Choice
  5. Schneemann
  6. White Out
  7. Brother
  8. Too Many Miles
  9. Follow The Light
  10. Payback
  11. Still Alive
  12. No Time For Regret (CD only)
  13. Sein Letztes Lied

                Mauern aus Eis (Vinyl only)                                              

Walking Towards The Sun


Released 2016

  1. Walking Towards The Sun (Single Mix)
  2. Walking Towards The Sun (Project Pitchfork Version)
  3. Cry For You (Frosty`s Minimix)
  4. Walking Towards The Sun (Hell Boulevard Version)
  5. Walking Towards The Sun (Solar Mix)

Ice Crystal


Released 2015

Ice Crystal
Ice Crystal (Melting Point Mix)
New Signs
Ice Crystal (bitter Cold Mix)
New Signs (Silver Strip Mix)
Wenn der Nordostwind Aufhört
Ice Crystal (Asthetic Perfection Remix)
Ice Crystal (Tyske Ludder Remix)
Ice Crystal (Icecube Remix by Modcube)
Ice Crystal (Dub Remix by DJ SiRo)



Released 2016

  1. The Coldest Summer
  2. A Murdered Love
  3. Sensations of Pain
  4. Zu den Sternen
  5. Hell is made of Ice
  6. Love Planet 69
  7. Magical Winter
  8. The Survival of the Strongest Mind
  9. It’s not Goodbye
  10. Millennium Find
  11. Rainbow Child
  12. Die letzte Seefahrt

Eisplanet incl "Maschinen EP"


Released 2015

CD 1:
1. Eisplanet
2. Walking To Wards The Sun
3. Breathe Life To Me
4. Maschinen
5. White Storm
6. I Don’t Miss It
7. Cry For You
8. Let Me Live
9. Far Away
10. Timeless
11. Strom
12. Wir Kehren Heim


CD 2:
1. Maschinen (Single Version)
2. Maschinen ([:Sitd:] Version)
3. Maschinen (Rob Dust Version)
4. Maschinen (Mono Inc. Version)
5. Polarmission
6. I Don’t Miss It (Extended Version)
7. Maschinen (Bhambhamhara Version)
8. Maschinen (Ultima Bleep Version)
9. Maschinen (T.O.Y. Version)

When Winter Comes


Released 2015

Ice Crystal
Always Continue
Don`t Be Afraid
Polar Night
A Million Lights
Without You
Vor Langer Zeit

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